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“MPI has developed effective relationships with middle power Governments and with non-governmental organizations and there is a close working relationship with the New Agenda Coalition.  I commend the MPI for its work over the past decade to revitalize nuclear disarmament and to identify areas where consensual progress is possible and to shape practical steps to this end.  It is a model of how of like-minded governments and civil society experts can move the nuclear disarmament agenda forward.”

- H.E Mr. Dermot Ahern, T.D., Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland

"I am very proud to be a part of the Middle Powers Initiative. I am on the Advisory Board of the Global Security Institute... I try to share whatever political capital comes from my former positions to be involved... but I recognize that my ability to do that rests very much on the kinds of work that people do around this table."

Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, P.C., Q.C., Secretary-General of the Club of Madrid, former Canadian Prime Minister

"Something must arise from the ashes of the (2005) NPT Review and I want to thank you, Senator Roche, and the Middle Powers Initiative for the Article VI Forum. There is some hope."

Marian Hobbs, MP, New Zealand, former Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control

"I am very much in favor of what you are doing, trying to revitalize the NPT. I'm also very much in favor that you try to do this with the middle Powers Initiative, saying, listen, we cannot afford to assume that the P5 will do everything for us and simply wait until they take action. You have to organize it."

Rt. Hon. Rudd Lubbers, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

 “[The Article VI Forum] is a pilgrimage to the sources of the moral basis of what we do at the United Nations… a pilgrimage to the sources of decency.  These meetings have provided us all with the possibility to exchange views… the possibility to reaffirm our faith in the long term goal of a world free of nuclear weapons. For this, I and my country are very thankful, and we encourage you to keep on the same way and the same path.”

- H.E. Mr. Alfredo Labbé, Deputy Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations

"I thank you for the Middle Powers Initiative's support in advancing the New Agenda and look forward to working together with you on the further steps to advance the initiative."

Hon. Brian Cowen T.D.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ireland

“A conference like (MPI's Carter Center Consultation) is terribly helpful ... because it provides us a fairly safe environment to have a vigorous exchange of views on contentious issues, but without having to worry about scoring rhetorical points… it’s a fairly safe environment to have a good discussion I find it very valuable, I always learn new things and I gain new perspectives and I make new contacts. so personally its terribly valuable but for the process I think its terribly valuable to have this opportunity.” – H.E. Ms. Susan Burk, Special Representative of the President on Non-proliferation.

“To be convincing to your superiors, you need to have very good arguments. I must say that I have been very inspired.  I have used information from our (Article VI) Forum meetings in the past and I am continuing to do so. These gatherings certainly pay off.”

- H.E. Mr. Johannes C. Landman, Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the United Nations in Geneva

"Its really terrific to have civil society and those with the experience of previous conferences; the history and institutional memory that exists around this table is inspiring. As I’ve said before, hierarchical approaches can disempower; MPI is the reverse of that. Its when the civil society, the center ground, gets together. We may not agree but that dialogue is very important and it feeds our thinking and its very stimulating. It was a fascinating two days and I feel privileged to have attended and been able to contribute in some small part.”

- H.E. Mr. John Duncan, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations in Geneva

"Public opinion worldwide must be mobilised again as it was in the 1980s. Non-governmental organizations must play a vital role, working alongside committed governments. The Middle Powers Initiative is the newest network supporting the New Agenda governments, and it has a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of nuclear disarmament. Civil society organizations are demonstrating that they are more effective than ever."

Rt. Hon. Helen Clark
Prime Minister of New Zealand
September 5, 2000

In the brief period since its creation, MPI has taken significant steps to assist governments in advancing the nuclear disarmament agenda. Last year's high-level MPI delegation to Ottawa ... and your tour of NATO capitals, have been particularly helpful in the domestic and international contexts in which DFAIT operates.

Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, P.C.
Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
December 2000


I believe that the MPI Delegation is doing very useful work in shaping Canada's policy in the nuclear and non-proliferation area.

E.C. Whiteside
Head, Weapons of Mass Destruction Centre
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
January 26, 2001

The visit [of the MPI Delegation to Oslo] and discussions were useful for us in our internal preparation for the December meeting [of NATO Foreign Ministers] and finalisation of the Paragraph 32 Report.

Leif A. Ulland
Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Oslo, Norway
January 30, 2001

The [New Agenda] Coalition this year increased co-sponsorship of the resolution to over 60 countries and was successful in extending support for the resolution to the overwhelming majority of member states of the United Nations. This success could not have been achieved without the continued efforts and support of the non-governmental organizations working in this field such as the Middle Powers Initiative.

Abdul S. Minty
Deputy Director General: Multilateral
Department of Foreign Affairs, South Africa
(December 12, 2000)

[T]he Government of Canada is firmly committed to engagement with organizations such as the Middle Powers Initiative as a means of enhancing our common efforts to reduce the risks posed by Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Ambassador David Wright
Permanent Representative of Canada on the North Atlantic Council
January 26, 2001