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MPI Releases New Policy Brief

"Visible Intent: NATO's Responsibility to Nuclear Disarmament"

As NATO gears up for its 60th anniversary summit next year, MPI has published a brief arguing that a Strategic Concept that still includes nuclear weapons is contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and irrelevant to modern strategic concerns.

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“Visible Intent: NATO’s Responsibility to Nuclear Disarmament” says that non-nuclear weapon NATO states should work to bring NATO’s nuclear weapons policy into accordance with NPT commitments and international law. NATO policy should be revised at a minimum to bar the use of nuclear weapons except in response to a confirmed nuclear detonation and more affirmatively to envisage the non-use of nuclear weapons in all circumstances. NATO states should also stop hosting US nuclear weapons in five European NATO states under “nuclear sharing” arrangements that enable delivery of nuclear weapons by NPT “non-nuclear weapon states.” During the week of January 14, MPI presented its new brief to foreign ministry officials in Germany, Norway and Spain, and will do so in Canada on February 5, with more NATO capitals to follow.

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For more information, contact Jim Wurst, MPI Program Director: +1 (646) 289-5170