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MPI organizes meetings to educate and influence high-level policy makers such as Foreign and Prime Ministers. Formal delegations educate and influence leaders who can have the greatest impact on policy and law making. Delegations are often planned to coincide with pivotal political events. A current emphasis of delegations is to support and strengthen the leadership of the New Agenda Coalition (Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden), a coalition which has formally positioned itself as a leading voice for nuclear weapons elimination. Additionally, MPI delegations focus on NATO powers and other middle power countries can have influence the nuclear policies of the nuclear weapon states.

Past Delegations:

•June 2006: Canada (Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Deputy Foreign Minister Peter Harder, National Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor)
• March 2005: Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and New Zealand
• February 2005: Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway
• November 2004: Italy (Nobel Peace Laureates, Senate and House of Deputies)
• October 2003: Belgium, Germany, Norway
• May 2003: Greece (Foreign Minister Papandreou)
• December 2002: Mexico (President Fox)
• November 2002: Japan (Foreign Ministry)
• October 2002: Canada (Prime Minister Chretien)
• June 2002: Ireland (Foreign Ministry)
• May 2001: Canada (Prime Minister Chretien)
• October 2000: Norway, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium
• October 1999: Norway, Germany, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands
• August 1999: Japan
• March 1999: Canada (Prime Minister Chretien)
• September - December 1998: New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands
• July 1998: Ireland and Sweden