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The following titles are available through their publisher or independent booksellers.

Global Conscience
By Douglas Roche

Beyond the widely publicized news of war, poverty, and human rights violations is the uplifting awakening of concern for our fellow human beings as nations are calling for a new global ethic to make the world a better place.

By looking at what we have achieved, we are able to provide hope and empowerment. A "Yes, I can make a difference" mentality allows us to break free of the immobilizing fear, affirming that the route to public policies built on global conscience is possible.

DOUGLAS ROCHE is an author, parliamentarian, and diplomat who specializes in peace and human security issues. He is a member of the Pugwash Council, which in 1995 won the Nobel Peace Prize for its work on nuclear disarmament.

Beyond Hiroshima
by Douglas Roche

The Second Nuclear Age has begun, one in which nuclear weapons are no longer just for deterrence but for war-fighting strategies.  Unimaginable catastrophes for humanity lie ahead unless the present trend to the proliferation of nuclear weapons is stopped.  Former Senator Douglas Roche’s latest book describes the actions taken by a number of governments and civil society working for a nuclear weapons-free world.  Getting “Beyond Hiroshima” is a realistic hope.   Roche, who has worked on the nuclear weapons issue as a parliamentarian, diplomat and educator for 30 years, shows how that hope can come alive.

“[Douglas Roche] builds up a political, moral and religious case, drawing on his thirty years’ experience working on nuclear issues as a parliamentarian, diplomat and educator.”

— Dr. Jaynatha Dhanapala

Available from: Novalis, 49 Front Street East, #200, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1B3, Tel. 416-363-3303, $19.95 (Canadian)

Link to Novalis order form


The Human Right to Peace
by Douglas Roche

Senator Douglas Roche, a former journalist, diplomat, and educator, has been actively involved in issues related to disarmament and development for 30 years. Roche argues persuasively for the need to supplant our current culture of war with a culture of peace. Roche's impressive credentials and years of experience lend his ideas a pragmatism that is hard to dismiss.

Available from: Novalis, 49 Front Street East, #200, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1B3, Tel. 416-363-3303, $24.95 (Canadian)

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A Maginot Line in the Sky: International Perspectives on Ballistic Missile Defense
Edited by David Krieger and Carah Ong

Maginot Line brings together the views of eighteen contributors of different nationalities, induding Americans, on the proposed US Ballistic Missile Defense plans. These perspectives should be included in any intelligent discussion of whether or not the US should proceed as it is currently planning....

Available from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Bread, Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice
by Douglas Roche

A world of "bread not bombs" is the future that Senator Douglas Roche envisions. Housing, health, and education services are desperately needed for the world's poorest people but instead governments spend billions on war and on the weapons of war.

Available from Amazon.com

A Fast Track to Zero Nuclear Weapons: The Middle Powers Initiative and the New Agenda Coalition
by Robert Green

The Middle Powers Initiative is a network of international citizen organizations working to encourage the nuclear weapon states and their influential allies to move rapidly to eliminate nuclear weapons via practical steps including a Nuclear Weapons Convention. The New Agenda Coalition is a group of middle-ranking nations whose governments have also called for the early elimination of nuclear weapons via similar steps. The work of MPI and NAC at the United Nations and elsewhere is described, and their impact on NATO nuclear weapons policy discussed.

Available from the Disarmament and Security Centre

The Naked Nuclear Emperor
by Rob Green
Foreword by Rt Hon Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand

It is clear that the nuclear weapon states, led by the US, UK and France, cite nuclear deterrence doctrine as the final, indispensable justification for maintaining their nuclear arsenals. Rob Green, Commander, Royal Navy (Ret.) herein debunks nuclear deterrence and offers alternatives, showing there is a serious prospect of eliminating nuclear weapons.

Available from the Disarmament and Security Centre

The Ultimate Evil: The Fight to Ban Nuclear Weapons
by Douglas Roche

The Campaign to ban nuclear weapons has begun. Fifty-two years after the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a new effort is being made to persuade the countries of the world to disarm. Douglas Roche, Canada's former Ambassador for Disarmament, describes the key developments of this campaign, beginning with a momentous 1996 World Court decision calling for a ban on nuclear weapons.

Available from James Lorimer & Co.