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MPI Statement on the Iran Deal

The Middle Powers Initiative congratulates the negotiators of the seven nations for their remarkable achievement across years of animosity and lack of trust. With this agreement, the world will be a safer place and one step closer to a world without nuclear weapons.

The Middle Power Initiative notes with satisfaction that the United Nations Security Council has unanimously approved of the agreement and encourages the parliaments of the participating states to do the same.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is, however, not where the process ends but one where it starts. The implementation of the plan will create a delicate balance between control that its requirements are fulfilled and the sovereignty of a nation. There will be those who will look for breaches hoping to reinstall the sanctions. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will be further challenged as other states may hedge towards nuclear capability.

There are many who gain by the agreement and some who lose. Those gaining the most are the young people of Iran who hopefully will be able to live in an open society, with a well-functioning economy and enjoy new cultural, social and educational exchanges with the outside world.


- Tarja Cronberg
Middle Powers Initiative