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The Middle Powers Initiative is dedicated to the worldwide reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, in a series of well-defined stages accompanied by increasing verification and control.

Through the Middle Powers Initiative, seven international non-governmental organizations are able to work primarily with "middle power" governments to encourage and educate the nuclear weapons states to take immediate practical steps that reduce nuclear dangers, and commence negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Middle power countries are politically and economically significant, internationally respected countries that have renounced the nuclear arms race.

The campaign is guided by an International Steering Committee.

In the lead-up to the 2010 NPT Review Conference, the efforts of the Middle Powers Initiative focused on the Article VI Forum, a creative initiative intended to stimulate and shape effective responses to the crisis of the non-proliferation / disarmament regime manifested by the breakdown of the 2005 NPT Review Conference. The Article VI Forum takes its name from the article of the NPT in which the nuclear states commit themselves to the elimination of their nuclear weapons. The Forum conducted six high-level meetings with key diplomats and leaders to examine the political, legal, and technical elements required for a nuclear weapons-free world.

With the successful outcome of the 2010 Review Conference, MPI is revising its strategy to help implement the commitments made by governments at the conference.